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Wpc2029live is an annual rooster fight competition, which has been held by the Philippines and Indonesians for centuries. Competitions are drawing in crowds from all over to witness thrilling battles for prize money and recognition. It is a popular spectator event that blends traditional culture with modern -day entertainment, making it a unique experience for all involved.

People love to watch their favorite sports in their authentic form or on original channels. Games are an enjoyable and active way to have fun, even when you can't be physically together. Technology and internet access have made millions of online games available, and sports and games remain popular.

For centuries, cockfighting has been a highly enjoyed and much-loved pastime in the Philippines. It is considered a symbol of courage and strength, and is deeply ingrained in the culture and traditions of the people. In this game, two cocks are pitted against each other in an arena, with their owners betting on which one will emerge victorious. Though it remains controversial due to ani

What is Markdown

Markdown is a plain text markup language that is easy to remember and write. Users can use these markup symbols to generate highly expressive documents with minimal input costs: such as the document you are reading. It uses simple symbols to mark different headings, to separate different paragraphs, to bold or italicize certain text, and even better, it can also

1. Make a Todo list

2. Write a mass-energy conservation formula [1]

3. Highlight a piece of code [2]

  1. @requires_authorization
  2. class SomeClass:
  3. pass
  4. if __name__ == '__main__':
  5. # A comment
  6. print 'hello world'

4. Efficiently draw flowcharts

Created with Raphaël 2.1.2StartYour OperationYes or No?Endyesno

5. Efficiently draw sequence diagrams

Created with Raphaël 2.1.2AliceAliceBobBobHello Bob, how are you?Bob thinksI am good thanks!

6. Efficiently draw Gantt charts

06/2707/0407/1107/1807/2508/01需求分析 可行性报告 概念验证 概要设计 详细设计 编码 测试 发布验收项目确定项目实施发布验收项目开发流程

7. Draw the table

project price quantity
computer $ 1600 5
cell phone $ 12 12
pipeline $ 1 234

8. More detailed syntax description

If you want to view more detailed grammar instructions, you can refer to the Cmd Markdown Concise Grammar Manual we prepared . Advanced users can refer to the Cmd Markdown Advanced Grammar Manual to learn more about advanced features.

All in all, it is different from other WYSIWYG editors: you only need to use the keyboard to focus on writing the text content, and you can generate a printing-level layout format, saving you the trouble of switching back and forth between the keyboard and the toolbar to adjust the content and format . Markdown strikes a balance between fluent writing and a print-quality reading experience. At present, it has become the queen writing format of GitHub, the world's largest technology sharing website, and StackOverFlow, a technical question and answer website.

What is Cmd Markdown

您可以使用很多工具书写 Markdown,但是 Cmd Markdown 是这个星球上我们已知的、最好的 Markdown 工具——没有之一 :)因为深信文字的力量,所以我们和你一样,对流畅书写,分享思想和知识,以及阅读体验有极致的追求,我们把对于这些诉求的回应整合在 Cmd Markdown,并且一次,两次,三次,乃至无数次地提升这个工具的体验,最终将它演化成一个 编辑/发布/阅读 Markdown 的在线平台——您可以在任何地方,任何系统/设备上管理这里的文字。

1. 实时同步预览

我们将 Cmd Markdown 的主界面一分为二,左边为编辑区,右边为预览区,在编辑区的操作会实时地渲染到预览区方便查看最终的版面效果,并且如果你在其中一个区拖动滚动条,我们有一个巧妙的算法把另一个区的滚动条同步到等价的位置,超酷!

2. 编辑工具栏

也许您还是一个 Markdown 语法的新手,在您完全熟悉它之前,我们在 编辑区 的顶部放置了一个如下图所示的工具栏,您可以使用鼠标在工具栏上调整格式,不过我们仍旧鼓励你使用键盘标记格式,提高书写的流畅度。


3. 编辑模式

完全心无旁骛的方式编辑文字:点击 编辑工具栏 最右侧的拉伸按钮或者按下 Ctrl + M,将 Cmd Markdown 切换到独立的编辑模式,这是一个极度简洁的写作环境,所有可能会引起分心的元素都已经被挪除,超清爽!

4. 实时的云端文稿

为了保障数据安全,Cmd Markdown 会将您每一次击键的内容保存至云端,同时在 编辑工具栏 的最右侧提示 已保存 的字样。无需担心浏览器崩溃,机器掉电或者地震,海啸——在编辑的过程中随时关闭浏览器或者机器,下一次回到 Cmd Markdown 的时候继续写作。

5. 离线模式

在网络环境不稳定的情况下记录文字一样很安全!在您写作的时候,如果电脑突然失去网络连接,Cmd Markdown 会智能切换至离线模式,将您后续键入的文字保存在本地,直到网络恢复再将他们传送至云端,即使在网络恢复前关闭浏览器或者电脑,一样没有问题,等到下次开启 Cmd Markdown 的时候,她会提醒您将离线保存的文字传送至云端。简而言之,我们尽最大的努力保障您文字的安全。

6. 管理工具栏

为了便于管理您的文稿,在 预览区 的顶部放置了如下所示的 管理工具栏



导出:将当前的文稿转化为 Markdown 文本或者 Html 格式,并导出到本地
模式:切换 普通/Vim/Emacs 编辑模式

7. 阅读工具栏


通过 预览区 右上角的 阅读工具栏,可以查看当前文稿的目录并增强阅读体验。


主题:内置了黑白两种模式的主题,试试 黑色主题,超炫!
Reading: The distraction-free reading mode provides a superb reading experience
Full screen: concise, concise, and concise, a fully immersive writing and reading environment

8. Reading mode

On the Reading toolbar clickOr press Ctrl+Alt+Mto enter the independent reading mode interface. We have devoted a lot of time to every detail of layout rendering: font, font size, line spacing, foreground and background colors, and strive to improve the reading experience and quality.

9. Tagging, sorting and searching

Enter text in the following format at the beginning of any line in the editing area to label the current document:


Documents with tags will be classified according to tags in [File List] (Ctrl+Alt+F). Users can use the keyboard or mouse to browse and view documents at the same time, or search title keywords in the search text box of [File List] to filter the documents. As shown below:


10. Manuscript publishing and sharing

When you use Cmd Markdown to record, create, organize, and read manuscripts, we not only hope that it is a powerful tool, but also hope that your thoughts and knowledge can be shared with like-minded people through this platform, along with high-quality reading experience people, and then encourage more people to come here to record and share their thoughts and knowledge, try to click(Ctrl+Alt+P) Publish this document to your friends!

Thanks again for taking the time to read this welcome paper, click(Ctrl+Alt+N) Start writing a new document! I wish you a happy recording, reading and sharing here!

By @ghosert
Jul 07, 2016

[1] Support LaTeX editing display support, for example:, Visit MathJax for more usage methods.
[2] The code highlighting function supports 41 mainstream programming languages ​​including Java, Python, and JavaScript .