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"奶奶的石头". 提高作物产量的方法



"Grandma's Stone". The way of improving crop yields
02.04.2019 12:17:04


Vintage life-hack of increasing the harvest

Responding to question on the site “why don't plums bloom?” I decided to write about one tested method that makes trees grow a little later than expected, thus giving them and us a chance to get fruit even if spring was not very warm.

I used to harvest the crop from the plum about once every 3-4 years, due to my plums flowered in the period of returning frosts and thus we were left without a crop. Granny grew up in the harsh conditions of Siberia, but thanks to her father's knowledge they obtained the harvest of fruits and berries. He laid a large stone under all the newly planted seedlings. My granny couldn't explain me why I should put a stone under the seedling, but she convinced me. I and my husband dragged some stones in the fall, dug a little hole under a plum and set them closer to the roots, sprinkled them with earth and laid a layer of mulch. Dragged, buried and forgot. We really harvested the plums the next year, unlike our neighbors. After a couple of years in winter when I sat to analyze my labors and make entries in the garden diaries, I remembered that the plum bears fruit every year despite the return frosts during flowering. I began searching in the forums, whether the secret was in stone? It turned out that the stone, heating up in the soil in the summer, gives out heat to the roots longer, and after the winter the tree grows later. Stone must be laid at the root when you plant a tree. We remembered the “Grandma's Stone” when we were laying a cherry orchard from new seedlings


复古生活技巧——增加收成回应网站上的问题"为什么梅子不开花?" 我决定写一个测试过的方法,让树木比预期的生长稍微晚一点,从而给他们和我们一个机会得到果实,即使春天不是很温暖。 我过去每3-4年收获一次李子,因为我的李子在返霜期间开花,所以我们没有收获。 奶奶在西伯利亚的恶劣条件下长大,但多亏了她父亲的知识,她们获得了水果和浆果的收获。 他在所有新种的秧苗下面放了一块大石头。 我奶奶无法解释我为什么要在种子底下放一块石头,但她说服了我。 我和丈夫在秋天拖了一些石头,在李子下面挖了一个小洞,把它们靠近根部,撒上泥土,铺上一层覆盖物。 被拖走,被埋葬,被遗忘。 第二年我们真的收获了李子,不像我们的邻居。 冬天过了几年,我坐下来分析我的劳动,在园艺日记里做记录,我记得李子每年都结果子,尽管开花期间还会有霜冻。 我开始在论坛里寻找,秘密是否在石头里? 事实证明,这种石头在夏天的时候会在土壤中升温,从而使根部获得热量的时间更长,冬天过后,这种树会长得更晚。 当你种树时,必须把石头放在根部。 我们想起了"奶奶的石头",当我们正在铺设一个樱桃园从新的幼苗

and put under all the trees a good cobblestone. I'm with the harvest! We eat peaches planted with stones, and do not worry about weather! My hazel did not bear fruit for a long time.

在所有的树下铺上一块鹅卵石。 我支持收割! 我们吃种着核子的桃子,不用担心天气! 我的榛子很长时间没结果子了。

I took several appendages from her. At first I wanted to inoculate them, but after analyzing the experience with the stone, I landed them in a permanent place, buried them upon the stone, put a small layer of stones of a small size a dense layer under the mother bush around the trunk. I'm with nuts! Hooray!

Бабушкин камень 3.jpg
我从她身上拿走了好几件东西。 起初我想给它们接种疫苗,但在分析了使用石头的经验后,我把它们放在一个固定的地方,埋在石头上,在树干周围的主灌木丛下面放一小层小尺寸的石头,密集的一层。 我和疯子在一起! 万岁!

Was it magic stone or time has come. I do not want to impose the idea of the omnipotence of stones, but our ancestors fed 10-12 mouths from gardens. Their experience is valuable to this day! Maybe this method will also come in handy!

I think that the property of stones to give and retain heat can be used in the bed's device. Such beds will be much more aesthetic than beds with plastic bottles!

是魔法石还是时间已经到来。 我不想强加石头无所不能的想法,但是我们的祖先在花园里养活了10-12张嘴。 他们的经验直到今天都是宝贵的! 也许这个方法也会派上用场! 我认为石头散发和保持热量的特性可以用在床的装置上。 这样的床比装有塑料瓶的床更有美感!

Tatyana, Orel

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