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How to Build a Kin’s Domain (Ringing Cedars)


第一步. 选择您的祖传家园的位置

Step 1. Choose the Location of Your Kin’s Domain

The following is from Anastasia: “First choose for yourself a place of your own you like best of all the pleasing spaces on the Earth. A place where you would like to live, and would like your children to live out their lives. And then you will indeed leave to your great-grandchildren a fitting memorial to you. The climate, too, in that place must be favourable for you. Take one hectare of land in that place for yourself in perpetuity”

下面是安娜斯塔西亚的话:"首先为自己选择一个属于自己的地方,你最喜欢这个地球上所有令人愉快的地方。 一个你想要生活的地方,一个你想要你的孩子过他们自己的生活的地方。 到那时,你们就真的要给你们的曾孙留下一个适当的纪念。 那个地方的气候也一定对你有利。 在那里永远占有一公顷土地

How to Build a Kin’s Domain (Ringing Cedars)

第二步. 建造一个活生生的篱笆

Step 2. Build a Living Fence

“Would it not be better, Vladimir, in place of a whole lot of posts, which can later rot, to plant trees?”


“It is possible to plant bushes in between them that people cannot get through. Take a careful look, and think what a splendid living fence you would have! And it would be just a little bit different with each person. And everyone would come to admire the view And your descendants in the ages to come will remember the creator of this splendid hedge. And the hedge will not only save them time on repairs but will bring them benefits as well. It will serve, in fact, as far more than just a barrier. One person will make a hedge out of birches growing in a row. Another will use oak. And someone with a creative impulse will make a coloured hedge, the kind one reads about in fairy tales.”

"在它们之间种植人们无法穿过的灌木丛是可能的。 仔细看看,想想你会有多么漂亮的活篱笆啊! 每个人都会有一点点不同。 每个人都会来欣赏这美景你们的子孙后代将永远记住这壮丽的树篱的创造者。 树篱不仅可以节省他们的维修时间,还可以给他们带来好处。 事实上,它将不仅仅是一个障碍。 一个人会用一排桦树做篱笆。 另一种则用橡木。 有创造冲动的人会制造彩色的篱笆,就像童话故事里描述的那样。"

“What d’you mean, coloured?” [says Vladimir]

"你说有色是什么意思?" (弗拉基米尔说)

“Planting different-coloured trees. Birches, maples, oaks and cedars. Someone may intertwine a rowan-tree with clusters of bright red berries and still plant guelder-roses in between. And make room for bird-cherry trees and lilac bushes. After all, you can plan it all out in advance. Each planter should watch to see how high each one grows, how it blooms in the spring, what kind of a fragrance it has and what feathered friends it attracts. Thus your hedge will be both sonorous and pleasantly fragrant, and you will never get tired of looking at it, as the picture will be changing its tints with each passing day It will flourish with colours anew every spring and every autumn burst forth in an explosion of fiery hues.”

「种植不同颜色的树木。 白桦树、枫树、橡树和雪松。 也许有人会把一棵桃树和一簇簇鲜红的浆果缠绕在一起,然后在中间种上长柄玫瑰。 为鸟类-樱桃树和丁香树腾出空间。 毕竟,你可以提前计划好一切。 每个种植园主都应该注意观察每个种植园主长得有多高,它在春天是如何开花的,它有什么样的香味,以及它吸引了哪些长着羽毛的朋友。 因此,你的篱笆将是响亮而芬芳的,你永远不会对它感到厌倦,因为它的色彩会随着时间的推移而变化,每年春天它都会焕发出新的色彩,每年秋天它都会迸发出炽热的色彩。"

It will hasten the implementation of the plan if you use a plough to dig a trench around the perimeter of the ground-lot and plant the saplings in it, along with the seeds at the same time — for the bushes you have decided to plant between the trees. Then you can go over it again with the plough to fill in the soil. While the earth is still loose, you can adjust the position of each sapling to even out the row.”

如果你用犁在地块周围挖一条沟,同时把树苗和种子一起种在沟里——种在你决定种在树丛之间的灌木丛里,这将加快计划的实施。 然后你可以用犁把它再翻一遍,把土填平。 当地球还是松动的时候,你可以调整每棵树苗的位置来平衡行距。"

“The only drawback is that until the hedge grows, it won’t deter any thieves. And people will have to wait a long time for it to grow Especially in the case of oak and cedar.”

"唯一的缺点是,除非树篱生长起来,否则不会吓倒任何小偷。 人们要等很长时间才能长出来,尤其是橡树和雪松。"

“But birch and aspen grow quickly, and the bushes between them will not take much time either. If you are in a hurry, you can plant tree saplings two metres high right away When the birches are grown, they can be cut up for household use, and their places will be taken by the maturing cedar and oak trees.”

"但是桦树和白杨生长得很快,它们之间的灌木丛也不会占用太多时间。 如果你赶时间,你可以马上种上两米高的树苗。白桦树生长完成后,可以切成块供家庭使用,成熟的雪松和橡树将取代它们的位置。"


第三步. 种一片森林,挖一个池塘,和其他建筑

Step 3. Plant a Forest, Dig a Pond, and Other Structures

“Let us say our lot is on a barren section of land, and is now enclosed on all sides by a hedge. Let us divide it, reserving half or three-quarters of the lot for a forest, and there plant a variety of trees. On the edge of the forest, where it borders on the remaining part of the lot, we shall plant a hedge in such a way that animals cannot pass through it and trample the crops growing in the garden plot.

"假设我们的地块是在一块贫瘠的土地上,现在四周都被篱笆围起来了。 让我们把它平分,把一半或四分之三的土地留给森林,在那里种植各种树木。 在森林的边缘,也就是它与这块地剩下的部分接壤的地方,我们将在那里种上一道篱笆,这样动物就不会穿过它,也不会践踏花园里种的庄稼。

“In the forest we shall set up a pen using densely planted saplings, which in time will be home to a goat or two. And we shall also use saplings to construct a shelter for egg-laying hens.

"在森林里,我们将用密集种植的树苗搭建一个围栏,最终养一两只山羊。 我们还要用树苗为产蛋母鸡建造一个避难所。

“In the garden plot we shall make a pond approximately 16 metres across. We shall plant raspberry and currant bushes among the trees in the forest, and wild strawberries around the edge. Later, after the trees in the forest have grown a little, we can set up two or three empty log hives there for bees. And we shall use trees to make a gazebo where you will have a cool place, safe from the heat, to talk with your children or your friends. And we can make a summer sleeping area out of living things, along with a creative workshop for you. And sleeping places for the children, and a living room.”

"在园地里,我们要建一个大约16米宽的池塘。 我们将在森林的树丛中种植覆盆子和醋栗灌木,在边缘种植野草莓。 后来,当森林里的树木长大了一点,我们可以在那里为蜜蜂建立两个或三个空的原木蜂箱。 我们将用树做一个凉亭,在那里你将有一个凉爽的地方,远离炎热,可以和你的孩子或朋友聊天。 我们还可以用生物制作一个夏季睡眠区,同时为您提供一个创意工作室。 还有孩子们睡觉的地方和起居室。"

“Wow! It won’t be a forest we end up with, but more of a palace!”

"哇! 我们最终得到的不是一片森林,而是一座宫殿!"

“Only the palace will be a living entity, and continue to grow in perpetuity This is how the Creator Himself thought up the whole balance of things. And all Man has to do is to assign everything its task — according to his own taste, design and understanding.”

"只有宫殿才会成为一个有生命的实体,并继续永恒地成长。这就是造物主自己如何构想出事物的整个平衡。 而人类所要做的就是根据自己的品味、设计和理解来分配任务。"

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第四步. 建立你的菜园,生活在天堂里

Step 4. Establish Your Vegetable Garden, and Live In Paradise

“Believe me, Vladimir, even the vegetable garden can be set up so that it will not be an aggravation. You just need to keep everything under observation. Among the herbs, just the way everything grows in the forest, you could have the most splendid tomatoes and cucumbers under cultivation. Their taste will be much more appealing and healthful for the body than when they are grown simply on a patch of bare ground.” “But what about the weeds? And won’t they be destroyed by pests and beetles?”

"相信我,弗拉基米尔,甚至连菜园都可以建起来,这样就不会使情况恶化。 你只需要保持观察就行了。 在草本植物中,就像森林里所有植物的生长方式一样,你可以种植出最美味的西红柿和黄瓜。 它们的味道对身体的吸引力和健康程度将远远超过在一小块光秃秃的土地上种植。" ""但是杂草怎么办呢? 难道它们不会被害虫和甲虫摧毁吗?"

“There is nothing useless in Nature, Vladimir, and there are no purposeless weeds. Neither are there any beetles that are harmful to Man.”

"自然界没有什么无用的东西,弗拉基米尔,杂草也是无目的的。 也没有任何甲虫对人类有害。"

“What d’you mean, there aren’t any harmful beetles?! Take locusts, for example, or the Colorado beetle — a real vermin that eats away at potato crops in the fields.”

"你什么意思,没有有害的甲虫? ! 以蝗虫或科罗拉多甲虫为例,它们是一种真正的害虫,会吃掉田里的马铃薯。"

“Yes, it does. It is also thereby showing people how their ignorance is eating away at the self-sufficiency of the Earth, contradicting the designs of the Divine Creator. How can people keep stubbornly ploughing year after year in one and the same place, torturing the ground? It is like scraping an open wound, at the same time demanding benefits from the wound. Locusts or the Colorado beetle will not touch the ground-lot which you and I have outlined. When everything grows together in one grand harmony, the fruits accruing to the owner are also harmonious.”

"是的,确实如此。 它也因此向人们展示了他们的无知是如何蚕食地球的自给自足,与神圣造物主的设计相矛盾。 人们怎么能年复一年地在同一个地方固执地犁地,折磨土地呢? 这就像刮开一个开放的伤口,同时要求从伤口的好处。 蝗虫或科罗拉多甲虫将不会接触地面-很多,你和我概述。 当一切都在一个大和谐中共同生长时,所有者得到的果实也是和谐的。"

“But if that’s the way everything is going to ultimately turn out, meaning that on the lot you have thought up there is no need for Man to fertilise the ground, or fight off vermin with various kinds of poisons, or do weeding, and everything is just going to grow all by itself, then what is there left for Man to do?”


“Live in Paradise. The way God wanted us to. Anyone who is able to build himself a Paradise like that will come into contact with the Divine thought and produce a new co-creation together with Him.”

"生活在天堂里。 这是上帝的旨意。 任何能够为自己建造这样一个乐园的人,都会接触到神圣的思想,并与他一起创造一个新的共同创造。"

“What new co-creation?”


“Its turn will come once the creation of Paradise has been completed in due course. Let us consider now what you and I still need to do.”

"一旦天堂的创造在适当的时候完成,它的轮回就会到来。 现在让我们考虑一下你我还需要做些什么。"

第五步. 考虑一下关于你的孙子孙女的房子

Step 5. A Consideration: Build a Proper House for Your Grandchildren

“Only, your grandchildren will not need the kind of home you are building. They will understand on their own as they grow up. They will need another kind of home. That is why it is not worthwhile spending too much effort to make the house extremely big or solid.”

"只不过,你的孙子们不需要你正在建造的那种房子。 随着他们的成长,他们会自己理解的。 他们需要另一种家。 这就是为什么不值得花太多精力把房子弄得特别大或特别结实。"

When your grandchildren grow up, they will understand which materials out of all the ones thought up on the Earth will be the most pleasant, solid and useful for them. Right now you do not have those kinds of materials. Your grandchildren will build a wooden house using those trees which their grandfather planted ‘way back when’ and which their father and mother so loved. That home will start curing them, it will keep them from impurities and inspire them to what is bright. The grand energy of Love will dwell in that home.”

当你的孙子长大后,他们会明白地球上所有想出来的材料中,哪一种对他们来说是最愉快、最坚固、最有用的。 现在你们还没有这种材料。 你的孙子孙女将会用他们祖父很久以前种下的,他们的父母很喜欢的那些树建造一个木头房子。 这个家将开始治愈他们,它将保持他们从杂质和启发他们什么是光明的。 爱的巨大能量将驻留在那个家里。"


(This article is excerpted from Book 4 of the Ringing Cedars series, “Co-Creation”, by Vladimir Megre.)

(本文节选自弗拉基米尔 · 梅格雷(vladimirmegre)的"共同创造"(co- creation)系列丛书第四册。)